Chiles 3d

Used three.js in conjuction with 3d scanning cameras to create a website with a model of our wolf statue.


Tested out Three.js. Scroll animations and slight mouse parallax.

Fighting Game

A basic fighting game made with a tutorial, then further improved upon.


A tennis site I made for my school. I only made the site; hosting was delegated to someone else.


A more advanced php implementation, using databases. Lets you register and login/logout, while keeping security in mind.

PHP Quiz

My first time using server side scripts for an actual webpage. It is a quiz that displays a score.


My teacher's website; I tried to make it more responsive.


An imagemap in which you can click any part of the image in order to be redirected to a corresponding link.


A form with some interactive elements. Very basic, my first time playing around with HTML, CSS, and JS.